Sunday, 17 August 2008

Rapidshare download - Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony Full (High Definition)

Since the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic games 2008, youtube has banned almost any broadcast of olympic games highlights. You will no longer able to watch the opening ceremony of beijing olympic 2008 via youtube. However, you can view some really good quality pictures of Beijing Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremony.

You can choose to download the full opening ceremony video (4 hours long) or stream the 3 mins plus long Beijing Olympic Opening Countdown video.

Rapidshare download :

Just download all 11 files separately and unzip them using winzip or extract all softwares. They are free to download via The video is in very high quality and it is approximate 2 gb large.

See more details at ti3n's blog - Instructions and tips to download rapidshare Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony 2008.

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