Tuesday 16 September 2008

Off to trip

Paris trip was excellent. Spending 5 days in the busy city is more than enought. Perhaps, next time if going back there again, we will go to vessaile. Paris Disneyland was worthwhile to visit also. Full of excitements.

On the other hands, Ireland trip was a different new experience. Breathtaking and superb scenery views in northern Ireland. Must go there!!!! :)

Saturday 30 August 2008


It is really common to hear people scolding the 'F' word. Sometimes, it just does not fit the situation right.

Try imagine yourself in one of the situation below and i am sure the 'F' word will comes out very naturally.

Situation 1:

Situation 2:

Situation 3:

Situation 4:

Situation 5:


Tuesday 19 August 2008

Off to edinburgh

A month ago, hon fai, yi hui, hui yin and i visited edinburgh for a day trip. Edinburgh is such a beautiful city as compared to glasgow. It is so lively!!! All the buildings at the city centre cheer me up! The Royal Mile street is such a happening street, with many major attractions such as edinburgh castle, people's story musuem, children's musuem, national musuem, arthur's seat as well as cafe, bar and pubs.

Edinburgh festivals started 2 weeks ago! I will definitely pay it a visit in the coming weekend. Lets go edinburgh, anyone?

Monday 18 August 2008

Distance learning courses

Do you hate to go to the classes accordingly but you wish to get a degree? We are clear in our mind that we need a degree in order to secure a job, in order to earn a living. Do you wish to set up your own timetable for your studies? Today i would like to share with you guys regarding distance learning courses.

So what is distance learning courses? It is a home based, open learning system that has very flexible studies timetable and with affordable fees. Uk Opening Learning is registered with Open College Network and it offers fully recognized qualifications that carry credits towards futher studies. There are huge range of course categories, namely animal care, art and photography, beauty therapist, nail technician, counselling and life coaching, forensic science, hospitality, interior design, marketing and office, mental health and many more.

A good news from UK Opening Learning is that it is open for all international students. It is always not to late to turn your dream into reality. Check it out if you are interested.

Sunday 17 August 2008

Rapidshare download - Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony Full (High Definition)

Since the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic games 2008, youtube has banned almost any broadcast of olympic games highlights. You will no longer able to watch the opening ceremony of beijing olympic 2008 via youtube. However, you can view some really good quality pictures of Beijing Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremony.

You can choose to download the full opening ceremony video (4 hours long) or stream the 3 mins plus long Beijing Olympic Opening Countdown video.

Rapidshare download :












Just download all 11 files separately and unzip them using winzip or extract all softwares. They are free to download via download.com. The video is in very high quality and it is approximate 2 gb large.

See more details at ti3n's blog - Instructions and tips to download rapidshare Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony 2008.

Thursday 7 August 2008

Fat burner - Phenterfein

There is at least 30% of people living in the united kingdom claimed that they are overweigh. And not to forget for those who are in the normal categories, they love to eat, they enjoy themselves trying out different types of food but one concern is that they are afraid of the increasing in their body weigh.

Some people depend on exercise and healthy diets to maintain a good body figure. While some find it ineffective of doing regular exercise, plus having a balance diet. So, they will have to depend on diet pills. Nowadays, there are many diet products in the market. Phenterfein is one of the effective diet pills that many have reviewed it. There are several important ingredients that makes up phenterfein, such as glucuonolactone (used for energy enhancement), rhodiola rosea (a stimulant used to increase the resistance of variety of stress factors), Octopamine (make body fat shrink) and evodia extract (causes one to feel less hungry).

Find out more about Phenterfein online today!

Cruz beckham breakdancing again!

During the teen choice award 2008, when david beckham approaced the stage to receive the award of male choice athlete with his 3 sons, his youngest son, Cruz beckham performed breakdancing infront of 2 millions viewers once again.

The first time he managed to draw the huge attention from the public was during spice girl live tour in february.

Cruz beckham is a very talented child! He is definitely going to be a big star after his dad - the world famous footballer, david beckham, and her mum - victoria beckham (posh), a singer from spice girl group.