Wednesday, 6 February 2008

cny cho yat :)

29 jantoday is CNY first day, da nian chu 1!!!!
guys wishing u,gong xi fa chai.... xin nian kuai le.. step step high rise... sam xiong shi seng.. year year got fish.. lots lotsa of wishes..
collected ang pau from grandparents, uncle n' daddy n auntie Ting later..
after lunch, hav bowling with cousin@ one U!! only being the third out of 6, still hav to share the fees, the first get an exception of fees...

~ before ~

~ during ~

went to fak gong song(@ jenjarum, near banting) with family at evening, lots lots lots of ppl already, very crowded.. very nice decoration n' events going on ther.. walk walk n take lots pics ther...

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