Friday, 29 February 2008

JBC broke in for the first time!

We wish that this will be the only first time and it will be the last time till forever too!


It was supposed to be a very good day today, until j2 was broke in by thieves. We reserved today - FRIDAY, to celebrate the ex-zhap goh mei. Everybody was in a good mood today because almost everyone handed in their results part for research project.

okay, back to the topic.

It was at 6.30pm, Ed first realised that his laptop cover was closed down when he returned to his room after he came out to play cards in the living room for about 10mins. Everyone was alerted and went back to check their room respectively. And the bad news was pj's laptop was gg-ied (GONE) and his windows was widely opened.
When sm n pj looked out from the windows, they saw the fallen thief and the laptop was lying beside him. The bastar*d fainted after the jump from the windows. So 6 of the guys dashed out in a hope of getting back the laptop. By the way, the accomplice of this basta*d was with him trying to wake this basta*d up from unconscious.

This conscious drunken basta*d ordered one of my friend to call for ambulance. My friend responded "We dont have phones, you guys stolen our phones!!!!!" My brave friends confronted the drunken basta*d, asking back the belongings and promised not to take any action after that. He was aggravated. He took his bottle high up as a weapon and warned everybody not to get close or else he will injure anyone with the bottle. A few mins passed and a bit*h dashed in from far trying to help the unconscious thief. She was another accomplice of the crime.

The confrontation continued. Pj got his laptop back. Ed was worried that his belongings might have stolen by them as well. He dashed back to realise that his purse and hp were gone too. He came back and confronted them again for his belongings. 10-15mins passed, the unconscious basta*d was getting his consciousness back slowly and 3 of them successfully fled away.

Hs actually made a call to the security of strathclyde uni asking for help. CD (our famous french lecturer) was the very first one that actually offered help to the basta*d jumping down from the windows as she thought this basta*d fell down from the windows for some reason.

The security team and the police came not long after. Out of no reason, one of the accomplice came over to the police car and he was caught - claiming that he didnt know/didnt do anything. One handphone + one camera were recovered from his pocket later on.
Then we headed to the laundry room with one security guard, since we suspected that they broke into j2 by using the laundry exit. We were shocked to discovered ed's wallet in the laundry, all his cards were scattered around on the floor. His second wallet, all filled with highlighters plus pens were scattered around in the laundry room too. One piece of singpapore dollars were left behind and it was believe that the thief actually threw away the singapore dollars when he/she thought that it is unvaluable. -_-" Credits cards and malaysia IC were missing though. We also believe that they have been smoking marijuana in the laundry and they even blocked the entrance so that nobody can enter the laundry since a few hours ago before the incident.

Back to JBC, one by one of the guys was asked to give full statement of the incident to the police officers. The laundry room was detained and the scattered stuffs were left untouched until assinged department come over to make investigation. It took a rather long time for everyone who witnessed the incident to give full statement.

It called for an end when the police officers left at late 8pm.

Ed's laptop was saved by a laptop lock.
Pj's wallet, keys, camera and one lousy phone were recoverd.
Ed's phone + credit cards were missing. Pj's phone was missing too.

I believe that many of us actually heard the screaming and even witnessed what happened but we were all stunned.

Tips for such incident :

1) Very first thing to do - REMIND each other to call POLICE (999) and strathclyde security (8888) from room. Break the fire alrm when necessary.

2) Shout for help to alarm everybody, ask for help asap.

3) Armed urself with weapons eg. frying pans + glass bottles (im not kidding!) before going to the thieves

3) Wear sport shoes!

Despite all the disappointments and troubles caused by those 3 basta*d, we enjoyed ourselves with one round of dota last night.

Pray hard that the 2 other basta*d will be arrested asap and JBC shall remain as a peaceful living area for students like us!!!

Kasih dia GG-ied!

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