Saturday, 8 March 2008

news on edison chen scandals

Edison - He used to be one role model for the young generation around the world. He WAS a leng zai that amost every gal heart for in THOSE days.

BUT today, he is in deep shit!

First, Hong Kong triad gangsters were said to want actor Edison Chen dead. He fled Hong Kong at the ouset of the scandal after early rumors that someone had given the 'underworld order, to kill' him.

News sites are reporting Edison Chen, now infamous for his leaked photos of naked Hong Kong celebs, also keeps video and photos of regular women like wives of rich Hong Kong businessmen and daughters of rich families. Rumor has it that he once won a bet from a director who didn’t believe he had hundreds of nude photos of starlets.

Yesterday, word has it that another underworld figure has offered a HK $500,000 (US $91,000) reward to hack off one of his hands, reported Apple Daily Hong Kong.

But today, he is finally brave enough to step out and faced the media.

If sorry cures, then what about gucci and lv's? Sorry no cure lah dude!

Edison apologized in English to the women involved in the naughty photo sex scandal surrounding him, to both his parents and to all of Hong Kong, where the public is outraged. Edison Chen said on Thursday he would step away from the Hong Kong entertainment industry for several months to “heal himself”.

Some have speculated that this decision to step away from the Hong Kong entrainment scene is not fully his but rather a result of him getting blacklisted by the Hong Kong movie studios. Producers writers and actors are refusing to work with Edison Chen as a result of the photo sex scandal.

On the other hands, gillian made her first appearance and apologized to the public earlier a week ago...

She apologized but she didnt admit that she is one of the women pictured with edison in sex acts.

However, Gillian Chung isn’t enjoying Paris Hilton-like success and may be let go from her record label EEG. People have been asking for a ban on her products and if this continues, she may be gone.
So who do you support now? It is either to believe the scandal, and not support edison or to believe the scandal, and to vote out edison?

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