Thursday, 31 January 2008

1st imu closed - beach volleyball championship

24th June

Hav had a fullfilled day.. took part in da 1st beach vb competition organised by da vb club.. it was held at the family park @ bukit jalil.. my team consists of jian, qirs, wmeng, chan see, khang wern n me, named as vb, as usual ;p lost 2 games, n got to win one game, ended up as 5th position... perhaps berry disappointed... v knoe v could hav done beta!! received a small hamper as consolation prize.. did enjoy da game very much.. thks so much, my lovely team mates.. ; )

congrats to all da 3 teams.. it was proud that the champion team consists of 2 pharm juniors, vincent n TRUE pei ling.. looking fwd for a tough game during da coming IMU cup, finals btwn pharm n sem5.. ;)

~ the 2nd runner up - the moonlight! ~

~ the 1st runner up - the sunshine ~

~ da champion goes to... - the losers!(wat a gp name?haha congrats! ;)~

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