Sunday, 27 January 2008

vb reunion dinner!

28 Nov, Tues

IT WAS WAY BACK to 2nd day, 2nd week of sem5, wher v hav our delayed self-cooked annual dinner@vista... it was a late one cos v are waiting for the results from resit, then oly v cud celebrate wit worries-free....

This time v hav qris(main chef), till stratchlyde ;p + tam ming + me ;)

qris cooked fried maggi(wantan mee failed n throw away.. sobs) + hou yao kai + seaweed soup + sour fried fish(jian + yeaw cooked till head n' tail detach from e fish) + tong sui.. while tam ming cooked vege n i did fried rice...

afta dinner, v hav had a supa late belated bd celebration for wm n darren.. made them do prank calls... LOLz... cant resist to laugh when u listen to how they actually flirt on the fon larh.. Hahaha..

some pics...

~our main dishes of the nite..~
~future wife?~


~ vb full attendance... ;P~

~still vb.... ~

~ the family is expanding... ~
~ belated bd boys...~
~off camera shot!~
~a big happie family... ~

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