Thursday, 17 January 2008

reflection : gathering for vb, birds

"one bird (tien) suggested to hav a hang out with vb birds b4 CNY 2007.. but then 2 birds cant make it on the thurs(last day).. so hope u guys dun mind hanging out on wed after lecture... v will bak zhui mou gui..."

this msg was pass around all vb members last night...>>> the next day, 11 out of 12 birds turn out on the hang out@ mid valley.. bird v12(wmeng) hav sumthing on (secret....surprise for later lar ), so couldnt join us...

arrived mid valley at about 5pm, rushing dinner @kim garry, then watching movie "The Wig", a korean thriller movie... more on review(see next entry!)next, hang out @mamak, sri petaling till 12midnite... aiyakkkss.. got to rush back liao cos tomolo need to come for eng class!!!!! one good thing is that tomolo will be the last day b4 cny break.. hehe... so nvm lar.. :p

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